High End Carpeting

High End Carpeting

High End carpet from leading manufacturers and importers can bring a luxurious feel underfoot. it’s not only the look that makes a difference it’s the way the carpet performs the way the carpet feels underfoot that lets you know it’s been crafted to be a high-end flooring center stage. Our eyes have boundless capabilities to see details and it’s not uncommon walk into the room and scan the carpet or flooring. It’s then that our eyes picks up all the details and we haven’t it’s an impression to the quality of the carpet or flooring.

High End Carpeting in Las Vegas & Other Metro Areas

High-end carpeting comes from a variety manufactures is found all over the United States. One would think with wealthy cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago and Miami. In these local markets you would find several high-end carpet sellers. In fact this is exactly the case, and in each city you’ll find high-end carpets that will set you back $3-$10,000 room. However the feel underfoot is amazing, and worth every penny.  In Las Vegas you can find high-end carpeting at Flooring Center USA located in North Las Vegas. As the leading and largest Las Vegas Carpet Store selling high-end carpeting. They have both the largest showroom and over 1000 roles of carpeting in stock.

High End Commercial Carpeting

While we’re on the subject of Las Vegas, if you’re visiting fabulous Las Vegas and walking the casinos be amazed at casino carpeting because as you may think it’s inexpensive it’s actually not. It’s another version of high-end carpeting that sees traffic of an immense scale. Commercial carpeting can be some of the most high-end carpeting available in any market. While it’s the grand Hotel in Dubai or one of Hiltons center piece jewels or the main office to Apple. You’ll find amazing carpets and commercial spaces that are purely high-end.

High End Carpet Companies in The U.S.

Robertex: Companies like Robertex America’s wool carpet company offers a collection of 100% wool carpets and handcrafted area rugs. Robertex brands themselves as carpet artistry in wool. offering 100% pure wool pile they also offer custom colors from their in-house die capabilities. Offering carpet styles such as bubble loop, cut pile, cut/loop, level loop and textured loop. They offer a full line of colors from black patterns blues of Brown’s greens and grays with the full lineup of neutrals from dark to light and medium and you’ll find a wide selection of the Reds to yellows with a full spectrum of hues in between. they have five distinct collections. Each addressing a specific need for homeowners and corporate customers. The collections are The Artisan, Casual Collection, The Classic Collection, The Instinct Collection and the Pattern Collection.

  • Stanton: Stanton carpet offers a huge resource Center for customers and dealers. Creating a large selection of high-end carpets for both corporate and home use. They offer 15 collections of carpet use for high-end flooring.
  • The Anywhere Collection
  • Avant Garde Collection
  • The California Collection
  • Chatham House Collection
  • Chesapeake Collection
  • Kilimanjaro Collection
  • Kingston Collection
  • Lake Collection
  • Natural Sensations Collection
  • Pacific Coast Collection
  • Royal Pavilion Collection
  • Royal Sovereign Collection
  • Signature Series Collection
  • Versilia Collection
  • Wiltrex Collection

Shaw: Shaw floors while one of the largest carpet companies in the United States also crafts beautiful high-end carpets. I suggest you look at Caress my Shaw. in this collection you’ll find color hues ranging from Blues and Grays, Earth Tones & Brown’s, Oranges of Gold and a palette of Neutrals. offered in 24 different patterns your choice is almost limitless with the addition of the 50 colors. of course you’ll get a great support and warranty offered by Shawand Shaw’s premium luxurious fiber all back by their exceptional warranty.

  • twenty-year coverage on abrasive wear
  • twenty-year coverage on texture retention
  • twenty-year quality assurance
  • twenty-year softback coverage
  • and of course a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from Shaw Floora